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Renting Property in Bath

Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA)Tenants seeking to rent property in Bath will find it easier using Property Link Estates. We are an independent letting agency dedicated to letting property in Bath. This means you will receive a service that puts your needs to rent first. We have a wide selection of quality houses, flats and apartments to rent in the City of Bath as well as its surrounds. Our web site is kept up to date as new properties come on and off our Property to Let register.

Property Link Estates are bound by the Code of Practice for Letting Agents, and are members of the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA) and subject to the independent arbitration and awards of the Property Ombudsman. We hold Professional Indemnity insurance and all clients’ money is insured through Client Money Protection (CMP) provided by ARLA and is held in a ring fenced clients’ account giving peace of mind to landlords and tenants alike.

The Letting Process Explained

When you have found your new home to rent through Property Link Estates the process to moving in is as follows:

  • A reservation deposit is placed to secure the property and take it off of our register of properties available to let.
  • An independent referencing company will assess your ability to meet the rental commitment through employment and landlord references and a credit search.
  • A tenancy agreement is signed and payment of funds completed prior to moving in.

Affording the Rental Commitment & Guarantors

To assess your ability to afford the rental commitment you must be in employment earning 2.5 times the rent.  This is the joint income if more than one person is applying for a tenancy.  However income from a Zero Hours employment contract, housing benefit, tax credits etc will not count towards this calculation.  Also, an employment contract must be for the duration of the initial tenancy term and not expire during the term.

For people who are self-employed/ employed by their own company or retired proof of the same level of income needs to be provided to the referencing company for example from pension statements or an accountants reference.

Where an overall tenancy application cannot meet the abovecriteria a landlord may consider accepting the full term’s rent paid in advance (a term is normally for either 6 or 12 months) or a suitable guarantor is provided.  A guarantor must be  resident in England or Wales who is a homeowner and has income of at least 2.5 times the rent.  This option may be offered to for example non-UK residents for example visiting on a work or study visa or settling/returning to the UK without a secure contract of permanent employment.  if the guarantor is not a homeowner (i.e. rents also) then providing the guarantor passes referencing you may then be expected to pay for a policy of rent guarantee and legal expenses insurance.

Q. What funds have to be paid before a tenancy commences?
A. It is usual to pay a month’s rent in advance, a deposit of 1.5 month’s rent plus our agency fee which is 36% of a month’s rent (including VAT). We do not charge further fees such as a tenancy renewal, check in or end of tenancy fees.  Additional fees may be charged where a tenant is in default of his tenancy agreement or additional work is required to set up a tenancy such as guarantor referencing. For a pdf version of our Statutory Fees Notice please Click Here


Q. What is the tenancy deposit for?
A. The deposit is paid as security against non-payment of rent and other breaches of the tenancy agreement. Read more about the tenancy deposit and how it is protected here.

Q. How long is the tenancy agreement for?
A. The tenancy agreement is usually for either a fixed term of 6 or 12 months. This commits the landlord to rent the property to you for this period it also means that you cannot break the tenancy before then.

Q. Who looks after the property I am renting?
A. This depends on what service the landlord has asked us to carry out. It may be that we are asked to find the tenant only in which case once you move in if you have any problems you will communicate directly with your landlord. If we manage the property then you will contact us and may never actually meet or hear from your landlord.

Q. How much is the holding fee required to reserve a property I want to rent?
A. The amount to reserve a property is £250 which is taken to ensure your have a commitment to proceed with the application process. Only then is the property taken off the market to let. If you withdraw from the process you are likely to loose most if not all of this as we will retain funds from it to cover our administration, time and re-marketing expenses. On completing the signing of a tenancy agreement the £250 is then credited to your account as funds paid (it is not an additional fee to pay but neither is it a tenancy deposit that requires protection).